The Slam Behind the Curtain



The Slam Behind the Curtain.

What a curious sound.

They looked, and looked,

but it was just me they found.


They keep on looking past me,

eyes searching up high and low.

They keep on moving on,

but there's something they don't know.


That slam behind the curtain,

hidden away from view,

was only just a taste,

of what I really can do.


This single body of mine,

of which they do not see,

can do extraordinary things,

like dance, and move, and sing.


I can run a marathon.

I can climb a mountain.

I can lead the world someday.

Just wait to see what happens.


Because while you were searching

for the source of awesome noise,

I was busy working,

my mind clear and body poised.


I'm going to make you see me.

I'm going to accomplish things.

I'm going to overcome this.

I'm going to spread my wings.


Because while you were searching

for another, better person,

I was there, standing tall. I was

the Slam Behind the Curtain.


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