I am me

I am me
Can I be me while trying to fit in this square
In your square
What society wants from me 
Cannot  be the same as who I am 
Or who I want to be
How can It be that I must fit in my square 
          to make myself happy ?
Yet your square is the one holding me
Dressed for the day 
      staring in the mirror 
Not seeing myself 
Just a girl trying to perfectly fit inside the wrong square 
A square of which is not me 
Not who I am 
Or will be 
Sitting in class brave and bold. 
 Not making contact with any one
Will this make it better?
Will this make me
   In the square you say I should be?
What gives you the right to say what square I should be ? 
Was it me? 
Home at last 
It should be better 
But no 
Hide in shame 
And stay in the shadow
I am me 
Who else could I be 
I am never me 
My square has been pushed and shoved to fit in the mass 
Is this who I want to be?
But to break out is to defy the square 
How can I be afraid of a place 
But its not the square I fear 
It is the rejection you face me in sight of 
Who are you to strike fear in me ? 
I will allow it no more 
For I am me 


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