She's Poor


She doesnt know she poor, Even when life tells her in many ways Her refrigerator becomes empty. Whenever she is hungry she can't even find a whole meal. Her family barley has enough food to last them until they can get more. This should be a sign, But she dosn't realize it yet She dosn't know she's poor. She has been wearing the same clothes all the time even if there too small for her because her parents can't afford to pay for anything that's new. They just have the necessities coat, shirt, pants and shoes They have nothing extra then that She doesn't even have one dress She dosn't know she's poor. Her parents can barely pay the bills, But she thinks that there living there For free. She dosn't know what evicted means, And she dosn't know why she has to share a room with her other siblings. She just thinks that house Is getting too crowded She dosn't know that she's poor. She dosn't understand why her family Is selling most if their belongings. Her mothers favorite china dishware Is now in someone else's hands. She dosn't get why she has to sleep on a mattress, when she wants a bed. She doesnt know she's that she's poor, until... She sees her mother crying, Her dad comes home miserable, Her older siblings are away working jobs, and she is all alone, in an empty house. All that is left of what they originally had Is each other, But even now her family is falling apart. She's finally knows she's poor. When her family are hold each other tightly inside a car. When she has to go live with her grandparents, and live in an even smaller house When every meal is split among many people, and no one is really full. How she realizes that even though they lack in money, Her family remains rich with love.

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