Mirrors of Reality


A beast so hideous,

A mask of fate,

Why is this beast,

Standing  before this gate?

The beast snarls,

The beast growls,

The beast bars its teeth,

While letting out a howl.

It jumps the gate,

With no trouble at all,

And here it comes,

Making its horrid call.

Up the porch,

Of the house that sits alone,

It is here for something,

Or someone.

Through the front door,

It comes bursting through,

And here I cower,

Not knowing what to do.

The beast picks me up,

In its giant grasp,

It flings me about,

And places me in its mouth at last.

Then the scene,

Becomes a blur,

For it goes running,

With me secured.

It runs to a place,

Only it will know,

A place of mirrors,

That let reality show.

It drops me down,

So I think I am free,

I look to the mirrors,

Only seeing me.

I look around,

And I see,

A woman lying down,

Looking back at me.

I snarl,

I growl,

I bar my teeth,

While letting out a howl.

I come upon her,

And let out my beast,

I sit there and enjoy,

My first and last feast.


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