It's So Easy



To fall in love

With something 

That you’ve been searching

For so long.


To become captivated

With it

In awe

Of its beauty

And wonder

How you even

Lived without it.


To deny it

Especially when

You’re with your friends---


Those supposedly behind your back

Through it all.

But no.

They stare

And whisper.

So you switch your words

Into lies

To be accepted.


No it’s not,

It’s not easy

Standing up for yourself.

But after

So many encounters

I can’t stand it anymore.


YES I love God.

YES I love my church.

YES it’s one of my favorite places

Where I can get away

From this stupid town.

YES it’s weird

And abnormal

But that’s who I am,

Made unique and unlike

What the world wants.

YES I’m a virgin.

What’s the big deal?

I’m cool with it.

YES I’m not a supermodel

And I don’t starve myself.

I like food

And hate

Fixing my hair

And makeup.

YES I’m not like you,

But why

Should I be you

If you are you.


To hide

Behind a curtain






But once

You find YOU

And only you---


To shine

And sing

And boogey

And live

And love

And laugh

And stand out,

Just the way

You were supposed to.


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