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my soul s free free as can be my laughter is sweet  my heart is neat all of our sould are ment to be so lets keep it that way its the way to be to be free to have laughter to be better
   Made fun of? Laughed at, stared, and most of all  is the fact of knowing your being judged.     Be stronger,  forget that sad you,  STAY AWAY!!!! from that corner.    Thinking to yourself , 
  “J” meaning jovial & jazzy, Oh and sometimes sassy, But I always remain classy. For the “A” you can say ambitious and adventurous,
The Creative arts, They reach out to her They tell her she’s not alone. The Empty spaces, They reach out to her
Life that was given to you Outlined by the unique things Very noticable actions done for yourself Enjoying the world at all costs  
We grow up thinking, That Everyone can be  Considered Beautiful. That they are, with a matter of fact, Beautiful.   Ignore the imperfections, They are what  Makes you perfect.
So Many girls are insecure  So Many boys are insecure  Why/ Those girls see those other girls who think they are fat but are really skinny  That makes them feel fat
I have a dream, that we would all set aside our differences and let each other be passionate about whatever we presume to have meaning, I know that we all spend our lives wishing and dreaming,
Hey I have something to say to you  You're so cute  Its hard to compute  And I love you  For being you  Yes you The one staring at me  I want you to be  The way you want to be 
I am a person  I am not your toy Or your trash You do not get to push my around Or throw me away when you don't want me anymore Like everyone I am human I love who I love I am who I am
  I've triedTo be better for youEven though I don't have youPutting efforts towards something not thereI am what I amI can never be good enoughBut I can decideTo be the worst for you
Don't judge me, I know I'm stupid Don't mock me, Iknow I'm a disgrace Don't laugh at me, I know I'm crazy Don't be mean I know I'm delusional But don't look down on 
Verse 1: I am one of billions of women  Who was put on this runway called Earth Where appearances, incomes, and people we know are averaged to total our worth.   
In order to prosper, they say Act, believe, and think the same way But for them, prosperity isn't happiness For them, commonality is their only steadiness  For them, uniquities are only a nuisance
A herd of zebras was grazing on the African plain They were a blur of black and white and from far looked the same Each zebra was individual, but who could tell?
Fomo I dont mess with you no mo' My friends go out and make it seem fun It is for awhile , but then you become numb Always succumb to the next cool thing I cant live that way its dumb
Who are you to tell me, what I ought to be Who are you to tell me, what I can become   Who are to tell me to stop crying When you're the one whose screaming in distress   Who are you to go off in anger
This Little girl is, terrified of the outside world, today she is going to her first day of high school. She wonders if people will judge her? Everyday’s the same for her she fights to find her way in the outside world.
She sits obediently as she feels the restriction of the world Be what you want yet don’t dream too high Trapped in a cage as she watches So helpless
The problem with meakness is we think it shows we have weakness. I walk through life faking my emotions and wanting to be seen. Always speaking, was my meme. I need to be seen. 
As leader you have to protect,not to neglect for everything that comes your way.  As a leader you have to listen to the information. For your nation.  As leader you should express yourself
Underneath my skin and under the bubbling turmoil, It speaks to me in hidden whispers It wails and weeps Underneath there lies a world of sorrow  It craves love and warmth  veiled by the fog 
Underneath my skin and under the bubbling turmoil, It speaks to me in hidden whispers It wails and weeps Underneath there lies a world of sorrow  It craves love and warmth  veiled by the fog 
My world is so beautiful yet everyday I am told by social media That thin is in And if you aren't a size two boys won't even look at you   Women come in all shapes and sizes
"I am" is a phrase used world wide. A term used to define who you are, but sometimes those labels are taken too far. In a world full of titles- defining your destiny, I choose not to submit or be lead astray.
This is for the ones who got left behindwho got dumped and feel blindFor the ones who lost all they had For the ones who can never be gladTo the ones who think its all their fault
                                          Waking up to the sound of nothing
From private to public... From paying for tuition and striving with ambition To going to school for free with kids who leave in the middle of class to walk to the store for a carton of tea
I am not like the others; I don't act like my sisters and brothers. I feel like a dim star that can't be seen from afar. I feel like a broken ignition that can't start a car.
It takes no time to write if your saying what you feel As if what you say represents an official seal To the way that you see and the emotions you have For the way that you write is proof of what has
We walk around pretending we're fine. No one ever seems to want to find the time  To walk the fine line Between knowing someone through a hashtag or a username And showing them actual compassion. 
Sometimes it feels like it’s not enough to be just me
Picture Perfect-ly Imperfect   *Like* *Share* *Tweet* I wish I were that pretty. I wish I were that witty. I wish… “Oh hey yeah I’m great! How are you?”
#Nofilter does not mean I'm not wearing any make up , or this picture has no effects. It means This is me. This is me without any holding back .
You know that picture of a girl Out in the cold
Sometimes when I'm eating I pretend I'm a dinosaur
I do not have an hour-glass figure,
Above my right eyebrow there's a scar From the day after Four Years of ignorance or innocence I discovered the death of my favorite dog.   And all around my arms
Filters do not make me, they don't choose my destiny, they don't tell me what I'm going to be. I'm still me at the end of the day, I'm still going to express what I need to say,
For far too long I tried to walk down your road, In hopes that it would pull your attention to me This is the story how I got close to losing myself This is the story how I became so great!  
Stop, the image in the mirror will crash Though, these weights may be lifted with the pluck of each fake eyelash I'll remove this lipstick, because it encloses my smile
I am different I am interesting I am loved I am full of love I am brown eyes I am brown hair I am not skinny I am not fat I am beautiful I am not society I am an individual
For a long time, I hid in silence.
Every morning we look into the mirror We decide who we want to be today Are we boho, preppy, hipster, or some other crazy title We need a name for what we are, who we are that day What happened to being you
I am confident without filters, And strong without contrast. Unique without overlays, And clever without stickers. I do not need a filter. Hudson may make me blue,
Stripping away, Exposing pieces that no one sees. Who am I? Who was I? Who will I be? Take away the filters, The makeup, The clothes that everyone sees. Reflect within and see myself,
Bells chime 4-3-2 Heart radiant like the Sun Divine energy
My heart is racing. 
Look around ladies, and tell me what you seeSociety's telling us all how to act, look, and who to beBeyoncé said it best when she woke up without a flaw,Now raise up with pure confidence, make the doubters stand in awe.
Wishing I could be like them. Social, outgoing, perpetually cool daring, throw caution to the wind, chuck the rules. Like Friday night at the game in the stands,
Everything looks so much different in black and white. You can't see all of the colors that are around. You also can't see the pain in a picture, you can't even see the happiness in a black and white colored picture.
You gazed at me like I was wildfire,
You are irrelevant. Who are you to think that  
More or less than the lies I hide behind I'm sick of looking through the eyes Of a picture in a frame I am me That's all I'll ever be Loud or silent Dreaming or discontent On stage or hiding
I gaze upon the sky and come across stars. The stars seem to decorate the background of darkness like a beautiful stipple painting.   I notice the moon. She hangs in the night sky, sitting upon her throne,
I am a woman. Therefore, I am power. A typical woman is said to bloom like a flower. Why bloom like a flower, when you can sting like a bee? I am fearless, and I will be a queen.  
Speaking  Is a hard thing 
I wish I could talk to you. Respond to all the gunshots you fired at me. Explain the constellation of pockmarks crowning my mind. But I am just a shell of what I used to be. Flimsy. Fragile. Empty.
In the lens of society, pefection is what we seek. We strive to be flawless, and show off a perfect physique.   Social media is the culprit, for what we think and do.
Who or what hides beneath the makeup Or is lost under the facade of clothes Stripped down to bare skin Revealing the all natural A sprinkle of freckles dance Aimlessly across cheeks flushed with pink
I'm Flawless because my skin's unclear I'm Flawless with my unbrushed hair I'm Flawless when I just wake up or I've been up for hours I'm Flawless in sweats or when I'm wearing my favorite dress
Looking through the filter I am perfect. The truth about my life is nonexistent. Looking through the filter. all the words I say are pure, With no stammer or lisp. Looking through the filter.
Why would I use sephia to cover up my freckles,
    Scared. Scared is a word I could describe this as. But perhaps,  It's the gentle shedding. Of old skin, or weathered leaves. Both things changing.
Self love   
Not many people agree what you like
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whom hold's that position? Whom is this beholder and what gave him, or her the right to set beautiful's standards. I may not have the biggest bust, but my heart is by far huge.
when i wake up
There is no such thing as perfect Only imperfect We all have imperfections
I am... O- Only one person is like me, me R- Really weird but thats why I like me I- I never fit in with the crowd
Everyone wishes they were different including myself.I don't really know who I am
I'm short I'm slightly over weight My left hip sits lower than my right and I have to do a jig just to pull my jeans up. I have a crooked smile and a bit of a lazy eye
  Flawless. Flawless? It simply isn't true.  
All you ever think about is your skills, your voice, and your set of ways. I'm not like you, and I don't think you quite understand. We are all unique, in our own separate ways.
Standing at t
I am a woman.
I once asked my teacher a question "How does one get someone's attention?" She looked and sighed That's how I know my question is justified.
She is a Plain Jane
We are advertised ideal appearances Activate dejectment to our natural being Exposed to others belief's and thoughts It keeps us blind of what we are seeing
Life is like a mirror, you might be unaware of its features in the future, but you know to never want to change that reflection, because the past glimpse will make
Mirror Mirror Mirror, Can you really see me? I see my flaws and my mistakes but that dont really be me. I wanna show you the truth but I cant even believe me.
The world
A universe so massive, an earth so large,
Wrong were the story's we were told as children A prince will find you and carry you away Your chance to shine is soon to come A prince who has been made, and used 
Who am I without the "mask" I wear, in a world that just sees me as another statistic? Who am I without all the filters? Who I am is defined neither my physical appearence, nor my intelligence, 
My sound? Is a silent night, I have no music no beats, or rhythem. My sound? Crickets on a summer day. When I was born they sang. My sound? Is a soft noise
What do you see when you look in the mirror? Yourself. You need to be Flawless, everyone knows it. You can be beautiful, Glitter with excellence. You can shine, But only if you want to.
Who am i? I am me, myself, and I l am not you, him, or her,
See, society has this pre-conceived ideaabout how a black personespecially a black girlshould act.  
i know you thought  he was the galaxies and the stars, but he isn't;
I am red. From the sun beating down on my white skin. I am pink. After being embarrased by my peers.
They told me no. No. Don't use "I' don't use "we" or "us". Be infinitive and broad. Broad like the sidewalk, squared off, smooth. They said You
I am the girl that you see in photos without any makeup,
 Broken by the empidement past In time we have all been last I break in tears from the sight of laughter But break in joy knowing what's after Hurt by the offending sides But healed by my defending tides Lovely
My heart made of gold holds intentions so true Reveal to me your demons held inside of you Open up and let your guard down a little bit too Releasing your pain is just what I'll do
As I find myself wondering, who I really am I think to myself where I started, and how far I've come. I struggle to find what is me, and what is the creation, made by the media. I like to think that I am what I am,
You're beautiful.  You're inspiring. You're flawless. I wanna be you. I wanna know you. I'm scared to talk to you. I don't know if you'll talk to me. You'll never like me. I'll never be you.  
  In my mind, there is never sleep Thoughts are what create I want to be loud Louder than I am And I am loud I wish people could feel my love Without misinterpreting it
  To fall in love
I woke up like this You do not even know how long it took me to get like this You are so upset that you hate on us To Get Like This   All around you, nothing to compare
I know I'm not perfect.   Thick thighs and basic brown eyes, Stretchmarks from growing too fast, Calloused fingers from instruments, sports, painting, drawing, writing, clumsiness, and burns,
I sit in class bored out of my mind The teacher reads, but I'm far behind Hamlet's asking, "To be or not be?" I'm asking, "Do I want to be me?"   Do I have to decide right here and now?
Flawless... long legs, beautiful face, gorgeous body. Those are merely simple definitions that describe a little piece of this passionate word.
I see this man.
When  I look in the Mirror I  am Flawless I have two brown eyes that you know are so rare
The human hear
I don't understand why in today's world It's sexy to be thin To have so little fat, so little curves It's just bones under skin And among so many beautiful girls  Not one of them loves
Driven, empowered Anything is possible Eyes locked on the sky
As pretty as a white rose
My pits are flawless It's a weird trait But it's true Smooth skin Light hair Deodorant commercial quality I love my armpits Few people can say
Engulfed in a deep slumber, I hear the eradicating sound of the alarm clock. As I slowly come to my senses,
 I wake up and the first thing I do is look in the mirror, nothing could possible be clearer. I'm staring at my own relection, and through the glass I see the cracks. So I cake on my makeup but I never ask, why must I wear this mask.
When I blink it blinks using the Same eyes to see that I can't I live up to a better reflection of me. 2 years apart but miles away while she received praise I received Bullies and Pain.
Clearest voice, sincere talks Laughing mouth, slow walks Walking with Him by my side, living with such heavy lies Guilt, guilt, with nowhere to hide
I am the giggle after a dirty joke,
School. A place where we learn An education is what we yearn Most looking to be successful and rich  Hoping to enter the world without a niche They say it's a scary world out there you will see
Remembering the time when I wanted to grow old faster. Thought things were easy as I’ve seen grown-ups do their way. As my height increase inch-by-inch The clothes I wear changes day by day  
Lend me your ears, you film noir beauty, with your overcast eyes
I have a superpower. It is rare, almost like flying. You don't see many people flying. My superpower is words. I don't have a way with words, that implies words are a force to be had a way with.
Although I’m not perfect, I don’t feel the need to change Being myself is the coolest, It shouldn’t be seen as lame I’m smart and I’m funny, These are the things that make me perfect
Navy scrub top White scrub pants White sneakers and my nametag. I'm in the lab doing my skills, striving for perfection. I will make it.   Tomorrow starts my internship
One may point out all my imperfections, and say I'm fat, but I want to make some corrections. I believe it's on the inside that comes up to bat when you're up against someone's infections
Days have been dark Months have been dark I have fallen I have tripped on my faith and soul, my dignity, my mind, my life... I have cut through every scar on my skin
I don't need to wear makeup. I'm fine the way I am. I don't need to be perfect. I know beauty is fleeting. I don't need a lot of friends. I have a few whom are true. I won't be liked by all. I'm thankful for who I have.
I am a man, not an African American man as some may say but just a man. I only belong to one race and as the great Bruce Lee said that's the human race. Yet to win this race, I put on a mask that's fake.
Sometimes I feel trapped      inside my own skin      behind my own walls Trapped by my own decisions   Sometimes I feel trapped      under this roof
Life is a muddle  of different opinions and beliefs What do I belive? It's all a whirlpool of confusion Swirling me around Until I no longer know what is right from wrong
Why would we Who have so much to offer Want to hide behind a mask? Trying to blend with a crowd full of people all trying to be like everyone else We try to camouflage
It's weird to think I used to hate myself. Look in the mirror, cringe and coil away from myself. Ripping apart the person that is me. Wishing away every little blemish and piece of skin.
Dirt or Mud, Sun or Rain, A team works together to earn their fame. These girls are tough and hard to beat, together all working to earn 1st seed for the state final four.
Who I am, I am someone who is not who they appear to be, Secrets, are what make up who I am,  A past that haunts, however does not prevail over who I want to be, I am who I am, 
Hard to find who you really are
We have a tendency to hideEveryday before leaving homeWe put on our maskAnd leave to go into the real worldThere's almost no room for authenticityHow can we "just" be ourselves?Your beliefs, my opinion,
 I grew up in the  Bronx  Where gang war goes on Drung  Dealers  sell to crack heads   And teen mom raising babies Old people have no health care And homeless people have no where to go  
Vernal and cheerless, juvenile and morose, thrown into the world,  a beautiful black rose.
What is the price we have paid We have all thrown away Our lives Trying to impress people we despise   But its not worth it in the end We have struggled with ourselves
So, why do you hide? So, why is it that you cry with a smile covering your face? For why, do you cover what's inside? Let it come as the frost that covers the ground.
I meander through the neighborhood, searching for the house. Once found, I happily jump the 5 steps to the front door and pass a silhouette smoking a cigg.
She wore the clothes. Had the body. Had the hair. Had the boyfriend. Had the friends . Had the house . Had the car. Had the fame.   But she was Barbie in every aspect of the word
  I begin and end With the use of this state of mind I am you as you are I Potential is a given Confidence rearranges
Misfit. Miss fit. Miss, fit into the box of what ladies should be. Miss fit into a pair of size two jeans.
People should aspire to be themselves Where did the masks get put on Where did this all start The root source will forever be unknown Why are we as humans continuing this tyranny All we have to do is 
If you cry every night because of the memories of yesterday Think in the present and figure out how you could of fixed the mistakes of the past So in the future you don't have to suffer the same mistakes of yesterday
I remember, when I was fourteen,  I found out my friend had been raped. I didn't even know what it meant  back then. My friend, she was a drug addict. Living with the trauma.
Their eyes close and the mind opens It isn't living if you're dead Their existence is superficial, it's all they know They know death, naivety, and ignorance but they don't know themselves
I can't see it come down my eyes, so i got to make this song cry. Fuck comb-overs. Fuck yellow grass.
When life begins  And we start to look for who we are in the world we create ourselves this distorted image of perfection that society created for us   
There's an owl outside my window.The last place to
I used to prefer ignorance But no, no, no,  I did'nt. I hated the mindset of "ignorance is bliss" I was a walking contradition  Bound to get hit with reality  
You are not beautiful. Not in conventional ways, that is.  You are not beautiful because you have a little extra roll of fat just below your belly button.             You are beautiful because
What’s the purpose of owning opinions if you’re too afraid to show them? Humans are in need of a lesson;
another day wasted on waiting for only you to come back to me
god i constantly feel like I'm screaming  i feel like I'm just crying into peoples ear drums  begging them to help me oh please oh god please help me i constantly feel like I'm clutching their hands
All the reasons I shouldn't write poetry. 
  Before I leave home every day, I make sure to put a mask on. The mask of happiness, excitement, and love. Behind that mask though, there's none of the above.
The burning under my skin, a fire clawing out of my body. I hear the tortured souls cry as they are slowly burned. The demons hide in the shadows, waiting for me to sleep. The moment I close my eyes,
Age ten bullied, called fat and ugly growing up feeling like being handsome is the only way to make friends being the clown of the clasroom, but sweet when i hit send
THE TIME STARTS NOW... 12 Mins These will be my last As i sit here and wait for the pills to take my life i think about what i've done with it 11 Mins  Who is listening to me?
U Who       U Who              U Who What Who      What Who           What Who        U The.... Selfish Evil Lonelly Freak        Your A.... Egostistical
You What a word the word you Break it down itno "Y" "O" "U" It asks a quetin, "why owe you?" These three simple letters have a whole different meaning than the word they compose You
Think before you tell meI'm not pretty,
Step outside yourself for a moment, look at yourself in a different light. Not just any light, but with the Light of Christ.
I need an escape, all of this pain bottled up inside of me. Tears waiting to burst out. I've cried a river, but there's still an ocean left. Hurt and confused. Life is a living hell, can't you see?
Are we a free people, a free country, with a truthful servicing of liberty and justice for all?
If my heart had a quill and an inkwell, ’Twould scribble without end, night and day. Had it but a voice, it would sing, tell All, everything I would say.   But my restless pen gets set down, how
Before proceeding, you must first understand one basic primordial idea that my family and I have lived with for most of our lives: the idea of one true God.
Time. It just keeps ticking. Do I let it pass me by
People say you can’t be a lawyer because you’re a woman Says who? The Hobby Lobby Taking away our good medicine for the obstruction of religious freedom And people dying of AIDS, they didn’t know
"I will always love you," she said to the man she wed
Sea of Love By: Jimmy Orantes   The sea of love My darling Is where i found you Our eyes locked Our hearts stopped The stars aligned Oh, how we met by great design
I don't know when this started really. This feeling of falling. This feeling of emptiness that started as a dark seed and seemed to grow and grow, taller and darker, branching into the paths of my mind,
I'm wondering if I'm going to heaven or hell. I should know just that so many lies people tell. Corrupts my intel. They say I'm destined for damnation. They put me on the spot like Dalmatians.
- It ain't easy to always do me. - You see, sooner or later I'm going to immulate what I see on TV, or feed into the garbage somebody speaks.
Why can't we all get along and sing a song why must bullying occur everywhere and on the web Why can't these men be a father while the woman play both parts in a child's life
I reach for the canister of ash And take my thumb and smear it On my neck, like a holy gash.   I wear my thread every day. I don't question my faith and I never look the other way.  
Every morning I wake up and see the beautiful woman I aspire to be Every day is the same, the mirror on the wall, mocking me and taunting me to be someone I am not
Like the clock on the wall, we all have a story. Time ticking away which tracks life's journey. Like a scribe it records the good and the bad. It never stops to think what makes us happy or mad? Or what makes us sad ?
I walked with my head down Noticing every crack in the ground In order to keep from falling. I walked like that for years Until the day I looked to hard at the ground And ran right into you.
I am tired Tired of waking up at 6 AM to go to a white-washed prison where I am taught Not to learn But to pass a test Tired of hearing my dad loudly groan, "Oh really?!" when he sees a homosexual
When the silence builds within me, the walls around me fall.  For when I am by myself, I can stand among emptiness tall. But when I'm corned in the open,
No thank to mani-pedis I'll pass on the spa   Spend your paycheck on produce
The People that Bully have problems of their own The People that Bully laugh and tease at the features that are "imperfect" The People that Bully have no perception of anyone's feelings except their own
Wasted freedom adjourned by the linguistically-challenged society. A wreckage in my brain driving me to the point of insanity, manicuring each  segment to be 
Who is there, that can understand The thoughts of another Withstand The forces I wonder, are too strong But somewhere inside You'll see whirlwinds of feeling Emotions unsettled like
oh. the Insanity it comes and it blows like the wind but with minds instead of kites   shall you search for an anitdote? no, no silly What would their crunchy Jaws snap at then?!
i want to live.
What makes my brain tick? It happens when my thoughts just click. Through my eyes, I can see A great big world in front of me. My mind helps me make the right choice To help me find my own voice.
What does our future really have in store for us? Is life still going to be this endless circle of trials Or
For years my thoughts were silent Trapped in the matrix of my mind The only resolve, a pen on paper Hoping to leave my past behind. Having no idea how to share myself With the people surrounding me
I've realixed that when it comes to life, everything and everyone in it has an imperfection. A slight misunderstanding that the universe as a whole compels to call a fatal flaw that keeps life at its best, from perfection.
Everyone has dreams to make it for their familes get of the hood to live good well some people was born into this world with a sliver spoon in their mouth
You can never fail.
Dear Anonymous Person, Read  this right now, Your worth isn't determined by your grades, your weight, your beauty is infinite, immeasurable like the famous lemniscate. So forget all the hate.
                                                                  I Am Me by Jesus R.   -Who are you?   I am me. -What about them? I dont care who they are, what they do. 
Creep through the night like wandering samurais We still believe in ourselves, no camera lies We make true of what we believe in Never giving up to deceiving No such sort of treason
Sometimes I wake up and I wonder is it alright to be this “me”?  
The perfect firstborn Well taught and followed the rules
Misunderstanding is a miscommunication Speaking and saying and hoping they hear Pouring out your heart not only for a tear But having the fear they still will not understand There is still a miscommunication
A few years back someone asked me “why do you act so white?”  After a moment of hesitation I simply responded “but I’m black…”  Later I then thought to myself “am I really black or am I white?” 
landing lights stomp ancestors awaken themselves on my hand, belongs the nail of a great-great grandmother on my face is an ancient beauty mark, belongs to a great-great-great grandfather
Translucent Minds Deep in speech Barely uttering the authenticity of their individuality
"Between man and a woman" is what my parents always said "is what your marriage must be" or, to us, you're dead was the fine print hidden beneath their Bible's words
It's hard. Living, dying, everything in between. For how can we expect that our miniscule lives can mean anything when they are so short?   It is wise to believe that
I always feel like poems have to rhyme But i know people write all the time Without a single word in line So why not break free and and be yourself
I wont stop trying to walk on water, Even if i cannot swim. Not because of fear i won't Lose all my dreams and hopes
What is my college education for 
Two minds, one body. One heart for passions and ever-changing interests, And a brain to make him like everyone else, a hard copy.
Answer me my question please;who is that person that I see,looking out as darkness flees
I was hoping to find someone And at first, I found you And you were beautiful and turbulent But perpetually untrue   I thought I was left with no one And maybe I was back then
They have never known the peace that trickles
They look at me.                                                                                                                                       Judging me .                                                                                   
I want everyone to be who they are not whats cool in the streets because everybody has talents that the world should see. But whats cool in the streets will take away your peace make you think you have to put up a front to be excepted or seen.
From country to country   When I was two years I left my country I left to Asia to a better country After seven years there we became angry
I hate that I relied on you so much You were suppo
People say white sheep are the chosens Black sheep are the outcasts Inaccurate Both are sheep   In a breed of Lawyers, accountants, doctors The world is only Black And
Who am I? What am I?
In all my years of schooling,
  People hurt people. People hurt eachother because they've been hurt by people. People killing eachother over people, afraid to love because the pain caused by people.
What would you change if you had the power? Give money to the poor, Save those in their last hour?
What is beauty? To society now-a-days it’s a number on a scale, a pants size, a model face A perfect smile, A skinny waist, a beautiful dress made of lace So superficial it is, that we let beauty be this
  Running down my face  Tears, I see 
I would change the way people act, to be themselves completely and stop pretending to be someone else.  You are special and unique the way you are, and don't let anyone tell you differently.
I can easily change my clothes to a style that's more pleasing. I'll ignore the number that the tag reads. You're worth that much --even more-- to me.   I can easily change my body
Don’t ask me what I want to be I probably won’t answer I have been conditioned to reply A simple “I don’t know”  
Confidence is key. Where would I be without this essential trait? Building my own confidence has been a huge challenge.
Lying here on the bed sorting through offers from the world, I imagine what life will be in the future.
Look around and what do you see? 
Without my i
Have we met before?  I don’t really know who you are The person who looks like you is here, but the old personality is far You’ve spent your life hiding, afraid to be you Caught up in the stereotypes not having a clue
When I trythey laugh,wanting me to failWhen I flythey bring me down,begging me to fallWhen I liethey call me out,praying for my sinsWhen I crythey make fun of me,
 Look into this mirrorAsk me what I seeThe answer could be really simple,I see me! Only the outside; just what everybody else sees
      Letters from an emotionless robot    dear emotionless robot, Do this, stop that go here, stay there, walk, don’t run listen, don’t talk express, but don’t create
You were born a flower, perfect and white 
Look at you So young So lost A compass without direction You do not yet know the cost You smooth your hair You stand real tall Already knowing that you are small
My personality isn’t gold, You couldn’t sell it for much. I’m sarcastic, Too honest, Anything of the such.   Even if it was gold, You couldn’t have it. I like it, It’s mine,
A brilliantly beautiful wildflower, in a field of oats and wheat. A redwood tree, the only survivor, after a brutal fire with scorching heat. A single colored girl, drowning in a sea of white.
I was told to pursueThat which I want to be,Not that which I am.
If you were to visit my elementary school playground between my 3rd and 6th grade years you could find a
It starts from my chest And begins to bubble up Until it escapes   My frozen lungs begin to melt and the words begin to spill   My burning heart relights
The world might have left a piece out 
Find your placeWhether it be crowdedAnd shroudedMaybe people galoreBut something you should know isYou may still be aloneYour place may be crampedSmashed and bashedInto a tiny corner
Creativity Can’t Stop   When’s the last time you created something? Anything—a drawing, song, recipe, story?
What if for one day you had the power to live out your dream? Think about a day to live out something you've always wanted to do. It could be anything from spending a day with your crush, to visiting J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth.
They say write to my hearts consent, or to my thoughts represent, a image or a goal, or till I host a flag on a pole, by which am I writing because it is written, or am I writing because I am different, I see myself as my world but I'm on one, an
Do you know my story? Do you know my pain? Can you even say you know my name? Do you know my goals? Do you know my fears? Do you know that your words bring me to tears?Do you know it hurts, when you say these things?
I am alone,
Umm this may sound weird...
It’s not homework, information, and books,
It’s not homework, information, and books,
in your eyes i see this pain this hate this vain you say you love but dont know how they broke it once how could you know LOVE that word so strong gets thrown around in a sentence in a song
Round and colorful, they play with me I blow them little, big, they are funny They dance in a big open space Some like to pop in my face Until all that's left are three
 It was all I needed to see  the bridge to reach my dream  standing tall, reassuring me  to my future, my grand scheme    It used to only be a view  a sight from the city I love
Don’t bend yourself To fit the mold. Break it; make it yours.   Be the person You want to be. Ignore their hateful scorn.   Step back and take A look at yourself.
Everyone tries to be perfect, but in reality their unperfect. Trying to fight each other over popularity but either way we all got similaraties. We are all rocks. We come in different shapes, colors and sizes. 
Walking down the hall I see so many faces Faces of people I know But never speak to And the loud girls They make friends so fast But the shy ones What chance do they have?
You can be a hater, or you can be a friend You can go with the flow, or you can start a trend You can wear a mask, and you can paint your face You can draw your own picture, or another's you can trace
Smile. Most of you may think it is impossible, Irrelevant and insignificant. Laughter and joy is what comes next, Eternal peace if you just Smile.  
  You ask why I go against the grain It is because it I am above it  I am more superior then those who make rules I am not a follower I am a leader  You cannot stop me from doing what I want 
I look everyday on TV and see I cannot relate To these pageants queens who exemplify the "perfect" mate And I question my beauty My worth And I wonder what can I change?
Be yourself, be who you want to be, need to be, love to be. its whats inside of you growing, needing to sprout, be alive, come alive and show everybody who you really are.
 if i could have a starry night, i would. if i could have a chance to breath the misty air, i would. if i could dance along the darken path, i would. the stars are my light and the fireflies are my guide.
Your lifeYour choiceYour bodyYour voice You can say noYou can yes In the end, you live with the mess It's your lifeYour choiceYour bodyYour voice
Traveling around the world is extravagant and fun,  meeting new people and recognizing cultures. You go to Mexico and eat a caramel bun, Cross the sahara desert in Egypt and see vultures.
The pale moon floats in the sky I wake up in the dead of night These are the nights that I despise Where there is no hope, no light It is always Dark - Countless thoughts Afraid I’m the only one
Somehow it all must change,   We can't just look through windowpanes.   The sky is perfectly in reach   Since they invented aeroplanes.     Fly away-  
With tears unshed, and eyes open wide Days of class and work and normal blur by, But now I think I’m safe with eyes dried, Yet why do I always feel about to cry? This world is cruel, not one I trust as a friend That has not hurt my heart or mind,
I am just a mutation of the monstrosity we coined society. I see the knife as it flays at my waist; my skin rejoicing at the idea that soon, SOON I can fit into those jeans he told me I would look good in. I worry for my sister, for all the girls
Remember back then when I said I was all for me yeah I lied Writing this at 3 am with my pillow full of tears that I've cried Why did I lie maybe because I thought saying it to myself would make it real
  Her electric soul, her aching soul is scared and shines a cowardly light. They call her humble, humble and divine. Who wouldn’t love a girl with skin so fine?
You think you broke me with what you said. You think you broke me and left me for dead. THOUGHT I'd be submerged into your idea of beautiful. THOUGHT I had to change to be considered normal.
Hand over brow, sweeping horizon  over and over to find something new.  Head over heals, falling  in circles, don't even realize you don't  have to look.    You do have to lose. 
I'll never be "that" girl But l can be THIS girl Silk tresses will never swim on the small of my back Only coiled curls will dance freely on the nape of my neck
I wasn’t the happiest kid in middle school School subjects increased in difficulty Especially math What is the Pythagorean Theorem again? How do I figure out the radius of the circle for a second time?
Summer evenings in years before with all of the doors in the house wide open, The sprinkler makes its rounds around the yard with a rhythm unbroken: Ch-ch-ch chanting a summer’s song.  
A higher education Is not just in my imagination I believe I am called to go So I can grow My knowledge to a better level
  Many dream of popularity, riches, and wealth, but what they overlook is the guidance to the right of your shelf. Act like this, act like that, and be who you see, but life isn't all about being who you perceive. 
Simple letters joined together to make words and a mere piece of paper created to record In life there are moments we rather face alone as a time of reflection or moment to console
  I’ll miss your face, leaving this place/ an empty space, but full of grace/ Living your way, For another day/ I cannot stay, I gotta fly away/  
My pen touches the paper.The ink slowly flows.The world spins idly byAs my story steadily grows.
Like the rain flows freely. Poetry does to the soul. Speaking legions of stories in just a poem. As everything begins to unfold.  The sun may come; The day may end. 
"Look at the obvious, only feel for the "natural", God told me. "Don't smell the pink flowers, only the blue", the media said. "Pull yourself to the inside and push from the out", school taught me.
They always has an opinion formulating what's wrong or right They utter words that damage hearts destroy dreams and alter lives
Change. the idea thrills us the thought of it happening scares us the results would amaze us but the work load loses us. change a life change a friend change your clothes change 
Hi, Im Zyra. Eyes stare, long straight hair Dark innocent face, Tight coiled hair, stareing back with a glare First thing they notice is, shes black Disgusted faces and rude remarks mumbled under their breaths
I've been asleep. I never knew why i liked poems i never really did           like'em  they are just free words most of the time absurd                     absurd     freee words
oh This Morning I felt it felt it coming    Either good or bad.. I couldn't tell if I'd be mad but that fell   If it falls, it breaks thats the risk
She stands in front of the mirror and gives a good look at herself. She wants to see a heart shaped face with light eyes. She wants to see a clear skinned girl with a slim figure. She wants to see everything she isn't, in herself.
You don't really follow dreams You fight, You chase You lose, You win A struggle of accepting and denying parts of what you believe. Defining why you are here. Why you should be  
The grass maybe brown sometimes and the skies maybe dark, but dont let anyone get you down, just go have fun in the park. just like nature is natural, you should be yourself, you can be happy, have fun like no one else.
Not all roses are red, But most violets are blue, We often get mislead, By magazines and society rules, Like how much make-up makes you beautiful, Or how much you weigh makes you suitable,
We all have a story that made us who we are, But that doesn’t mean we are stuck. Listening to the torment, Believing all the lies. Hiding in the shadows, Of those judging eyes.
i guess i am lost i cant really  focus on the passing faces it doesnt really matter because i guess i am lost i reach the staircase shoulder to shoulder we stand my mind drifts, i become a soldier
To the little girls with Hess trucks The ones who though that Power Ranger were cool and Pokemon were too The ones who never really grew out of wearing bagging jeans and t-shirts This is for you.
Am I you? Are you me? Are we the same? Or is that my imagination Where did you come from? I come from there to. Am I me? Are you, you?
Size, shape, and color don't matter. Be grateful and smile. Love them the way they are, please don't judge. Look into their personality That's reality
Alright so Sticks and stones wont break my bones but this razor surely scars me. Let it, let it roll of your back let it, let it stay for a sneak attack
Leaving My dream come true Can I really do this? Believe and keep on believing Living
Feeling sad and unwanted. Feeling hopeless and worthless.
Define yourself Are you blending into the background Like the kids in the back of class Or are you as bright as The pink elephant in the middle of the room Does your mind sit still Like a singer on hiatus
he human mind is quite the composition With boundless seas of thoughts, tamed only by inhibitions--small dams, if you will Laced with never-ending threads of emotion; like exquisite pieces of silk
Born in an egg already cracked Some say it’s a flaw Others sigh and say never This crack is indented in my soul How am I supposed to know Which is right, and which is wrong
Most may think that being beautiful is the sight of a pretty face, But being beautiful is many things. Beautiful is ht happiness exploding out of your body, The eruption of giggles, The fine gft of kindness,
Be yourself, Everyone else is taken, That's what Oscar Wilde said, Does he have a point, I would say so.
Who are you reading curiously this poem of mine? A hundred years from now? Shall I be able to explore the websites? -Warped through the soul of my cellular device- The faintest touch of a screen bringing happiness
Angry tears Arched across my zygoma Flowing with rage...It’s colorful I can't think... my mind eclipse by sublte animosity Through holes I've imprinted with malice
If high school was compared To a growing flower bud I wonder if you’d dare Step foot inside the mud
*stomach drops* Hearts stop, And I forget how to breath, Don’t worry, about me, I wear my heart on my sleeve For all to see, Being different is how I love me. ---
I’m a fire for all females A delicate rose easily bruised by the wrong touch A soft warm breeze fighting pass heavy blinds Immune to the wrong that those expose me to If not then may I be dead
She walks into the classroom, and sits in her chair.
Everyday the same routine Time passes Is this really the life I dreamed I wanna be Spontanious Active Free There eyes Judging Turn around Don't look at me My personality
I'd love to be a diamond but diamond are average I'm head strong and that comes with baggage a fashion icon a person to rely on I'm a lyrical G Now listen to me Call me a daughter a sister, and friend
People who scream and shout, What the fuck is that shit all about Today you said I love you, I hate you, I wish you were dead But at the end of the day you should be lucky to be blessed.
People who scream and shout, What the fuck is that shit all about Today you said I love you, I hate you, I wish you were dead But at the end of the day you should be lucky to be blessed.
Shit happens I tell myself and move on That basically sums up my life It could always get worse so don't get yourself down Life is a blessing Every time something bad happens I don't let it bother me
Perfection unknown It yells at me Tells me Scorns me Bothers me Never lets me free. What does it mean to be any of this? This little piece of me; My heart My wishes
I was once a strong weak thing. I often looked in the mirror And asked who the girl staring back at me was. Was she strong, brave, and steadfast? Or was she weak, scared, and indecisive? For there were two girls
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