For the ones

This is for the ones who got left behind
who got dumped and feel blind
For the ones who lost all they had 
For the ones who can never be glad
To the ones who think its all their fault
To the ones who lock their emotions into a vault
to the ones who cut themselfs at night
to the one who commited suicide and lost their fight
To the ones who cry themselves to sleep
to the ones who can't bring themselves to weep
I know it's hard 
I know if feels like you have to be on guard
I know you feel alone
I know you drifted and romed
But I promise one day it will be okay
One day everything bad will go away
One day you will smile
You won't dread the next mile
You will laugh and smile
You will find the one your destiend to be with and your love will flood like the nile

So for not just keep fighting

Cuz one day you will be happy and you will understand this writing

Just know no matter what someone will always love you 

So stay strong and be true

This poem is about: 
Our world


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