Good Girl (song lyrics)

Verse 1:

I am one of billions of women 

Who was put on this runway called Earth

Where appearances, incomes, and people we know

are averaged to total our worth. 


And we're stuck with the number we're given 

As men search for their quality choice. 

They place bids on the valuable ones and walk out

with a girl, who's been stripped of her voice. 


Then there's me with lousiest price tag,

Sitting alone, untouched, on a shelf. 

I'm the defect who's different and doesn't fit in.

That's the cost for being myself. 


Pre Chorus:

Others have tried to help me raise my stats just a bit. 

The advice that they offered was tempting I must admit. 



You must have Style and grace,

Make up on your face,

Chat with friends, Follow trends,

Then head back to his place

Heels and hair, Only care 

About what concerns you

Cuz that's what good girls do. 


Verse 2:

Along with facade transformations

Come insecurities. 

More and more did my eyes seem glued to the mirror,

for conceit's a contagious disease. 


As my price levels start getting higher,

Self esteem begins plummeting fast,

But the guys are soon flocking around me, so maybe

I'm something of value at last. 


Pre Chorus:

I'm losing my grasp on the person I was once before,

But the world seems to like this new and improved me more



Cuz I have style and grace

And make up on my face. 

It's a sign. Form a line

For this thrilling showcase. 

Heels and hair, I don't care

Through this distorted view. 

So I'm told, that's what good girls do. 



Keeping up with what's popular drains me of my energy. 

I'm so tired of playing a role no deeper than what you can see. 

I am ready to give up the artificial person I've been. 

I'll be alone, but I'd rather be alone and in my own skin. 



What if I speak my mind,

Leave stereotypes behind,

Go my own way, try to stray

From these numbers that bind me  

In doubt. I'm stepping out 

Onto land that is free,

And if that's not a good girl

You're misunderstood, world. 

You promote wearing masks,

But mirages don't last. 

I've put up with this show

But it's time that you know 

I'm a good girl just by being me


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