My Heart Made of Gold


My heart made of gold holds intentions so true

Reveal to me your demons held inside of you

Open up and let your guard down a little bit too

Releasing your pain is just what I'll do

Tell me all your problems that cause you your stress

Allow me to relieve you and be selfless

Let me hug you and hold you, press and caress

To the point where my love is difficult to digest

Your deepest secrets are locked here safely with me 

Concealed in my heart and only you have the key 

I'm here for you whenever, I can feel, sense, and see

Time and place won't matter, for you I'll always be free

I'll be here for your laughs, I'll be here for your cries 

I'll stay with you during your most painfullest times

Your cloudiest days, I'll try to clear and make shine

This love for you that I hold goes beyond all these lines

Rely on me to stick with you while the world can unfold

Depend on me to listen to your hidden stories untold

Count on me to stay true through all times, hot or cold

Lean on me to hear the beats of my heart made of gold


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