The Song of Same


Don’t bend yourself

To fit the mold.

Break it; make it yours.


Be the person

You want to be.

Ignore their hateful scorn.


Step back and take

A look at yourself.

The amazing person you are.


Don’t paint your face

Or change your ways,

To hide the pain and scars.


Society shuns

The face of difference,

But hurtful as that may be.


The person you’ve locked up

And thrown away,

Was always most special to me.


That person was happy and

Loyal and kind.

Beautiful, wonderful,

Had their own mind.


But hidden is thee that

I’ve loved so long.

Persuasively taken by

Society’s song


Of hate for difference

And love for the same.

These evil demons are

Calling your name.


Don’t let them take you;

Your brilliant soul.

And if they do

My heart will take toll


For the grave of your

True personality.

If the song must persuade you,

Then let it be…


But embrace your


Let yourself shine.

Let yourself free.


Open the lock that you’ve

Placed on your heart.

Rewind the clock and

Go back to the start


When you took no one’s viewpoints,

Suspicions or theories.

You would tell me your thoughts

Ever so clearly.


So fight for your morals and

Scream out your feelings!

Let them think what they think

And you will start healing.


For I’m happy with you,

And you’re happy with me.

Ignoring the judgment,

Ourselves we will be.


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