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I'd love to be a diamond but diamond are average
I'm head strong and that comes with baggage
a fashion icon
a person to rely on
I'm a lyrical G
Now listen to me
Call me a daughter a sister, and friend
I'mma hold it down until the very end
I'm a rapper and comedian
You would love to see me again
I'm a critic of myself, even a leader needs help
Being elegant ladies
Like elegant stars
Dont mistake my size
I'm the one in charge
With The Lord as my witness
You sure wont forget this
I'm a writer with the eye the tiger
I am weird but not to be feared
I'm loving and caring and a little bit daring
I'm a dancer and a pearl
I'm a girl who may run the world
I pop like bacon grease, fish in the fryer
I'm about to go ham name brand Oscar myer
I'm a queen, take my seat on the throne
Never mind call me the king
I'm going to college, there's no secret
I don't need to be famous like Ryan Seacrest
I will be a wife an a mother
A full life of color
I will be a officer of parole
A model of roll
I will be a business owner
And organ donor
I've been the the rain
Fire and the storm
Little boy Blue go blow your horn
I'm not whining, because I'm still shining
Shine bright like a diamond
No diamonds are ordinary
And this girl here is extraordinary
Mad like Eminem
Sweet like the candy
It's broke
Let me fix it Im handy Mandy
I'm under alot of pressure
Still not a diamond cause diamonds are average


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