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Who am I? What am I?

Through the eyes of most I am insignificant.

Through the eyes of many I am known,

but through the eyes of very few I'm loved.

 We begin our lives in the same way,

we are innocent, naive and, like sponges, we absorb our surroundings and circumstances.

In life we learn that, although we consider people as equal, one must question if that is truly the case.

Beyond sexism and racism, homophobia and stereotypes

we neglect social status and monetary value of our possessions as the most significant detriment.

A detriment to peace

yet beneficial to negative "isms" and phobias created by lack of tolerance and understanding,

understanding that skin tone doesn't define morality or signify savagery,

understanding sexual orientation doesn't signify mental illness or weakness, 

understanding that if a male and female are both necessary for life on earth

they should be treated equally as such,

and understanding that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant 

and it is what one does with the gift of life that determines who they are.


What are we? Who are we?

A mass of individuals split between regression and progression.

Like Yin and Yang, we are a mixture of the good and bad.

What are we? Who are we?

Humans, searching for clarity and answers in a world of confusion and questions.

People that believe that rich is synonymous with wealthy

What are we? Who are we?

Products of a disillusioned society.





This poem represents everyone who is afraid to speak up. Thank you for speaking up

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