"Time is Ticking


Like the clock on the wall, we all have a story. Time ticking away which tracks life's journey.

Like a scribe it records the good and the bad. It never stops to think what makes us happy or mad? Or what makes us sad ?

So generalized, but never personalized. Life writes the path in which our feet will form but never stops to take a look through our eyes.

Ticking away I am the the sight of war. Ticking away at more dollars for the rich and none for the poor. 

Ticking is what I am at the word abuse. Ticking at out bodies we all seem to misuse.

Ticking like the clock on the wall. Instead of bowing down we need to stand up tall. Bricks of discrimination build up against us all. When we each hold the tools to break down this wall. 

Ticking is my pen to the paper. My skin is irridescent and my very voice is vapor.

Ticking away as time flies. Guns that take away multiple lives before our eyes.

Tick tock is the time people put into bullying. Men being misconstructed and women are called misleading.

Males are placed above females what for? Education can lead to the jail house, and the jail house leads to the projects walls, doors, and floors.

Government changes our perception of the world. Our history once included gay and female rights, slavery, and several wars but no one says a word.

Shooting up, snorting, and smoking weed. Graduation at an all time low and drugs are the new necesssity.

Politics are white men endorsed. The new wars are immigrants v.s the U.S. force.

Dreams birthed. No Self-worth.

Self esteem lacking. Years of Debt dragging.

Diseases with no cure. Life's all a blur. Troops at war when we are no longer fighting for...us.

Time is ticking on the world around us. So let's speak with our words and actions and stop all the fuss. It's time to adjust. Time to discuss. So the time is now to mend our country, and build a stronger more independent us.

-Kiara Alexis


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