landing lights


ancestors awaken themselves

on my hand, belongs the nail of a great-great grandmother

on my face is an ancient beauty mark, belongs to a great-great-great grandfather

wearing the spiritual attire unseen to my naked eye,


quivering spine

communicating through positions of corporal movements


What are they saying?

uncontrolled visits open

as a baby always aware

i became fearful when i learn religion 

pray for it to go away and answered becoming lost

learning now even then was a choice

thank you for the painful test

i open again like light switch

never left i'm taught

Alive around , special messages emitting through

Passing through to view, knowing my every move and so much more

Life written on the orb, that surrounds the aura

Communicating to me what I cannot see

As life is short time is forever

take the lesson and live 

A face with black holes smiling vibrations 

edge of the rainbow connections

thankful to feel like before

take time to listen to them

to the lover unconditional 


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