They are Wrong

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 20:33 -- pawjr97


They say I am worthless because I am not

a size two,

because I weigh 190 pounds,

and because I am almost 6 feet tall.


They say I am insufficient because my breasts are only a size B,

because my hair is short and frizzy,

and you need long hair to be beautiful.


They say I am impractical because I don’t have moderate political views,

because I believe in equal rights for every single human being,

because I don’t like guns,

because I believe in the right to have an abortion,

and because I don’t believe in God.


They say I am a teacher’s pet because I care about my grades,

because I stay up until two in the morning studying

instead of drinking

or getting high.


They say I am bizarre because my right and left brain are both prominent;

because I can paint a piece of art with precision and detail in every stroke,

but I can still integrate an equation flawlessly.


They say I am dull because I have spent over 300 hours volunteering in my community,

assisting others,

raising money,

making a difference;

but I haven’t been to a high school party.


They say I am overbearing because I am President of my class,

because I have to tell others what to do,

because I make the hard decisions

and take charge.


They say I am hypersensitive because I cry,

because I care what others think,

because I give to people,

because I know what it’s like to want.

To want attention, to want others;

to desire the affection and acceptance of those you cherish.


I am not something you can categorize,

distinguish as a “type”,

and set aside in a box.


I refuse to be defined by someone else’s standards --

by what society trains us to value --

or be told I am “not good enough”.


I am a compilation of curiosities,

an ocean of attributes,

a galaxy of greatness.


I am exquisite because I am a constellation of scars and freckles,

because my hair is an awkward shade between red and brown,

because my eyes look like the deep green of the ocean,

and because the words I write and art I create

speak louder than my body.


I am remarkable because

I am desirable;

because I am brilliant;

because I am independent, compassionate,

and human.

And I deserve to be worshipped.


I am flawless because I love who I am

even when others don't.

I am dazzling because my "flaws"

make me an individual.

I am sensational because I ache for perfection.

And even if perfection is impossible,

chasing perfection is what triggers amazing.

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