Not Really You

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 14:46 -- RaeLani

All you ever think about is your skills,

your voice,

and your set of ways.

I'm not like you,

and I don't think you quite understand.

We are all unique,

in our own separate ways.

It's not for you to judge,

our simple ways.

So take a chance,

and open up you heart.

You won't believe,

what can come from your love.

Sometimes I will feel down,

and sometimes I will feel alone.

It's not up to you,

to make it worse.

I got all sorts of specialties,

and I got all sorts of skills.

I am beautiful,

and I am proud.

So don't take it out on me,

I won't hurt you,

and I won't let you hurt me.

So just be a friend,

and I will always love you.


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