Porcelain Doll

What is the price we have paid

We have all thrown away

Our lives

Trying to impress people we despise


But its not worth it in the end

We have struggled with ourselves

Put our feelings on hypothetical shelves

And set aside what we think 

For what others want 

From us 


We are like dolls on display

Locked in a glass case

Letting others see

A perfect picture

Of what they want us to be


But inside it is an entirely different thing

There lies the truth of who we are 

And what we believe


We are suffocating 

We are dying


Let me breathe!

Let me out! 


I want to be free

But this glass coffin 

It is oppressing me


I can not escape 

I cannot get out


But the more that I scream

And the more that I shout

I run out of breath 

I can no longer breathe

We are stuck in glass coffins

Of so called 

"High school democracy"


Once you go in

You never come out

The air gets thinner 

Time is running out

You bang on the glass

But no one can hear

You belong to the cliques now

And you have to appear

As one of them 


You are like a puppet 

You do what they say 

You don't dare confront them 

Because they'll throw you away


And so you keep quiet

You stay locked in 

Your little glass coffin

You never will win

So just sit and stay still 

Good girl, that's it

Just give up on life 

Just call it quits


You are no longer defined as your self

You are just another porcelain doll

Put up on the shelf


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