Outside Brown Eyes, Inside Broken Mind


Clearest voice, sincere talks

Laughing mouth, slow walks

Walking with Him by my side, living with such heavy lies

Guilt, guilt, with nowhere to hide

Outside there's brown eyes, broken mind inside

Perfect, perfect, you're so perfect

Wanting to tell, get this off of my chest

Everybody is expecting me to be the best

Crying, crying, all the time

I made a mistake, which only two know

A burden inside me, which continues to grow

I hide behind a mask

It may be blue, it may be black

My mind just is not on the right track

Hopeful, cheerful, always happy

That's the way it may appear

Only because Jesus is near

I seek Him everyday

Jesus is the only one who hears my cries

In the shadows of the night, past the outside brown eyes

Needing advice, with nowhere to turn

Secrets with a lot of explanation

Wanting to shout this to all of creation

I cannot breath, is this normal?

On the run, no time to think, I am so busy

Going for a walk, little time to blink, I am so dizzy

I wish somebody would hear me

The mistake I made, I want to be heard

He said I was beautiful, it was just a word

Once upon a time, there was a girl

She was so lovely, sweet, and innocent

Now all she does is repent, repent, and repent

He told her lies and she believed

He seemed so real, he seemed so kind

Outside she had beautiful brown eyes, but now inside she has a broken mind


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