Broken Lens


The world sees everything in an altered view

always changing its mind, accepting only few

the only option for us average girls

is to make ourselves worthy of this changing world


but what the world doesn’t see is what’s left behind:

the freckles and red spots and too-defined-lines

what the world doesn’t see is what makes me me

the “imperfections” that the world refuses to see


through a camera the world can’t see all the good

the hard work and big heart, all the things that it should

the world can’t see any inner beauty

instead it makes changing me its personal duty


I really do have some things to offer up

and the list does not include a perfect instagram closeup

I have a high GPA and I’m captain of the sports team

but the world doesn’t care about my growing biography


Behind all the filters and touch-ups and paint

the only thing left from the world is complaint

but what i see beyond the things that try to change me

is a girl who won’t stand by and watch, just wait and see.



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