Be you

Hey I have something to say to you 

You're so cute 

Its hard to compute 

And I love you 

For being you 

Yes you

The one staring at me 

I want you to be 

The way you want to be 

Not just for me 

For you

Its true 

I do love you

But I want you 

To be you 

I want it to be true 

I want you to be true for yourself 

Not for someone else 

I want you to be true to yourself 

And maybe this will help:

I love you 

Its true 

I want you to be you 

Yes I do 

But I want you to be you 

For yourself 

Nobody else 

You shouldn't care 

What they say 

You're perfect in your own way 

Today I want to say 

I love you 

For you 

I don't care what others say

'Cause I love you for who you want to be 

And that's perfect to me.


This poem is about: 
Our world


Brian Joe Hawley

hey look okay if any of yall see this the reason I chose to use our world is because im not the only one who needs to hear this 



ur a real one brian ♡

Brian Joe Hawley

thanks i know im not the only one who needs to hear that



Such a beautiful message! I love reading your poetry. It is like a look into your heart and soul.

Brian Joe Hawley

yeah i put everything into these poems 

Brian Joe Hawley

people who read these poems will know alot more about me then some people in know in person 

Brian Joe Hawley

hey mrs bailey i wrote another poem but im not gonna post it yet

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