Playing to Please


"Between man and a woman"

is what my parents always said

"is what your marriage must be"

or, to us, you're dead

was the fine print

hidden beneath their Bible's words

they talk about being gay like it's some sort of curse

but little do they know that their precious girl, A.Y.

was getting hurt day by day as they said these lines

forcing sexuality like it's something you can choose

cause if you like the same sex, then game over, you lose

you're out the house, you're on your own, you can't see her again

Two years I've kept it hidden by saying she's my best friend

when in actuality, my heart belongs to her

yet these words I'm screaming out

have yet to be heard

so mom and dad, if you see this

this is what I'm saying

you can't choose who I love

I just cannot keep playing

this game of masks I've learned the rules to

oh so long ago

I'm tired of hiding behind these lies

it's time to let me show

I can't pretend to love someone

that you two choose for me

I'm tearing off this mask you gave

and for once, I'm feeling free


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