Dare to be Different



I don’t worry about how I look, how I dress, how I speak.

People can vocalize their opinions, but surely it won’t faze me.

In reality, I see that people try to be like someone they’re not.

and all they have is a gathering of second thoughts.


People try to keep in touch with the newest song, newest trend, newest gadget.

But my friend, my focus is not on these habits.

It is the things that lie within me, my character.

Without filters, I am merrier.


I don’t have to worry about editing my images to be popular.

All I have to do is not to be a copier.

I acknowledge that I was created by a God who was creative,

So what the world expects in my eyes, is outdated.


If filters are what I need to be accepted,

then i’d rather reject it.

All I want is to be me.


Without filters, I am selfless.

I could care less about the luxurious things I have.

I could care less about how my face looks on instagram.

It all goes beyond my selfies and possessions because they don’t define me.


I am me.

Loving others more than self.

Giving help to ones in need.

Doing random kindness without trying to be seen.

and Stepping out into the wilderness of the land of opportunities.

Using my own voice,dressing up in my own style, smiling in my own way.

Because I’d rather die being me, then dying being someone who I am not.

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