Thu, 06/19/2014 - 11:15 -- crfaw15

It's hard.



everything in between.

For how can we expect that our

miniscule lives can mean anything

when they are so short?


It is wise to believe that

"life is a journey".

For that saves the

love of life.

The excitment it possesses. 

For although the grey sky can

make us wish

for a knife in our eyes and ears,

we keep going on the journey.


We one day 

find a way 

to save.

to prosper.

to live,

truly live.

We thrive.


The fruits of our labor 

entitle our hearts to

every happiness we gain.

They bring about

the warmth of others hands

on our own.

They enrich what we do

every day we still live.


So it is hard.

But so worth the time it takes

to live.






So much is done

in so little time.

We become everlasting

in our limited years.


We manage

to thrive.



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