So Many girls are insecure 

So Many boys are insecure 


Those girls see those other girls who think they are fat but are really skinny 

That makes them feel fat

They wish the cold look like those skinny girls 

They see this girls walk around in crop tops 

And they wonder why cant I look like that 

They are insecure Too scared to look in the mirroe 

To scared to eat Incase they get to fat 

Thats why that boy wont date me Im to fat 


Those boys see other boys with muscles and abs 

They just wish they could have those 

They see these rude guys getting nice good girls that they dony deserve 

They wonder why cant I get that lucky 

I could treat her the right way 

They are too scared to play sports 

Too scared to eat to less because that might not be enough to make them strong


All these people are insecure or their 

Weight, Personality, Lifestyle, Height

They have to hide behind a mask because they dont think they are good enough

This poem is about: 


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