What Is Beauty?

What is beauty?

To society now-a-days it’s a number on a scale, a pants size, a model face

A perfect smile, A skinny waist, a beautiful dress made of lace

So superficial it is, that we let beauty be this

When beauty shouldn’t be measured by perfection

It should be measured by being you, a perfect imperfection


All these little girls seeing these things in magazines

Being taught to be proper and right

How to sit, how to dress, how to be liked

It’s sad that people never stop and see the beauty within

You focus on being something different, without a win


If you’re a beautiful person on the inside

You’ve already been blessed with a lot

You’re a person, a unique individual, a different thought


I met a beautiful person today

No it wasn’t in the face; it was the way she took time to know everyone’s name

She wasn’t scared to be herself, made every day lack of rain

She shared her mind; never let anyone get in the way

She wasn’t perfect, but that’s what made her so great


That’s when I realized that natural beauty inside is hard to find

When society is telling us we should strive to be a tiny line


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