The Collision

I used to prefer ignorance

But no, no, no, 

I did'nt.

I hated the mindset of "ignorance is bliss"

I was a walking contradition 

Bound to get hit with reality


The crash that would end my life in a heartbeat


So I walked on

Out in the open

In the middle of the street

Unable to heed any caution

Blind to warning signs

Deaf to admonition


So I walked on

With my pride in my hand because

There was no way that I could be trampled with truth

If I had a good excuse to be a fool


So I walked on

heart in my hand

And with ignorance in my mind

A collision approaching

I knew it was coming

But i was to ignorant to face the truth


Reality was coming

Speeding in my direction

All hope lost because

Belligerence blazed my path


Away from the side walk

Away from safety

Away from all things true

Away from success


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