One Great Example

Fri, 08/01/2014 - 02:11 -- Josueo


Before proceeding, you must first understand one basic primordial idea that my family and I have lived with for most of our lives: the idea of one true God. If the subject discomforts you, I suggest proceeding to read a more secular poem, but if you wish to continue, prepare yourself for an eye opening view of one great leader in history.

The future lies in the hands of those who are willing to take upon the duty of servitude to our God. It is your choice to believe me or not. If anyone could exemplify this truth I hold so dearly, it would be Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. You might have heard about this man from various perspectives, but let me enlighten you with something I believe to be very rare in pop culture.

This man’s fear of God is an example that will live until the day the Lord- our Savior Jesus Christ-returns for His people- as every man of Christian faith earnestly awaits. He is the contemporary Moses, who despite receiving a most challenging task in life, overcame our humanly fear with courage inspired by an all Divine God. His submission to the love of God provoked resistance to the evil he was forced to refute. He did not succumb to the temptation of an easy passage, but rather he took upon the most difficult challenge of servitude to God in the face of controversy through his principle of nonviolent action. He exemplified the greatest commandment given to us by Christ, knowing that everything was in perfect equilibrium through God.

This commandment- this law- was Love. And Love clothed all the darkness that his foes had surrendered to, blinding him from any vicious human reaction that was sure to come of all the hatred, and as he lived by the Law he discovered the power of his obedience; what we humans call great political activism was simply a portrayal of the Heavenly wisdom in the life of an obedient servant of God.

Now, I think to myself the possibilities in life if I too live under the fear of God and in complete servitude to Him, and I see nothing but indescribable glory in His name. If only I could meet this man in order to reassure us that he is but a human being living under a superior Force and that we can all achieve the unimaginable. Believe it or not; it is not my duty to force such ideas into anyone; our lives are run by the acceptance of any one idea through faith alone, and all I can do is provide the greater alternative my faith upholds. 


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