Things To Be


You can be a hater, or you can be a friend
You can go with the flow, or you can start a trend
You can wear a mask, and you can paint your face
You can draw your own picture, or another's you can trace
You can be a tree, in a play on a stage, or you can be a dog in a kennel, in a cage
Dress your self up fancy, in a dress and in high heels
A bow tie and tux, just to see how it feels
You can be a handle, in other peoples' doors, and you can a be a piece in a puzzle that's not yours
You can place your self, in a spot you should not be, or you can take the lense cap off and take a picture you can see
You can wipe away the makeup, and wash off the cologne
You can put a pair of shoes on, ones to call your own
In a crowd full of people, grab the mic and start to shout
Let the words take over, let them just fall out
Who cares if people laugh, or tell you to sit down
But what if they just clap, and thier mouths don't make a sound?
What if it is worth it? What if it turns out good
Maybe you can be yourself, now that's something you should



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