The Mistakes


If you cry every night because of the memories of yesterday

Think in the present and figure out how you could of fixed the mistakes of the past

So in the future you don't have to suffer the same mistakes of yesterday

If someone makes you cry

STOP talking/listening to them they don't value your tears

Unless they're tears of joy of course

In this world you can't see who's real or not

It seems as if everyone is hiding behind there own mask

They may be a certain way with you but with others they're different

All of us do this in order to be accepted

But is losing your identity really worth it?

Would you rather be someone fake thats popular or

Be someone who's unique thats an inspiration to many

It's hard being that one person who stands out from the crowd

But at the end theres a reward

The reward of being the only shinning star that people admire for being different

Different isn't bad its actually good

Cause you're realizing that being fake is hiding your wonderful characterstics/inner beauty

You should be who are, never let someone change who are

Because when you start being yourself is when you start living life without a blindfold on.



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