The Goat with the Tail


You're beautiful. 

You're inspiring.

You're flawless.

I wanna be you. I wanna know you. I'm scared to talk to you.

I don't know if you'll talk to me.

You'll never like me.

I'll never be you.


But you'd look even better in that color.

You should cover that too and it'll look even better.

But a little cover up won't take away from you, it's a "good different."

But you said I'm flawless.

But yeah...


What's flawless? Something I'm not because I don't want to be. 

It means perfection, it means an end.

It means a goal met, it means I'm done when I'm not. 

I'm a diamond in the rough, because rough is the start to where this amazing journey began.

I'm starting to shine, but this is nothing, what you see are flaws in your eyes and pearls in someone elses-

It's not even the tip of the iceberg, but you think I'm too cold to touch to brave the journey to know me.

I'm not saying I'm going to melt but I'm saying that what's out there isn't the only part that's there-


Did you see the past 21 years of my life? Did you see the huge foundation of experiences that shaped my ambitious spirit? 

That crazy Capricorn who wants to be both on land and sea-

who's dreams are farther than the stars,

who's got a mermaid's tail because she won't settle when it comes to being in the water,

yet she's got the stubbornness of a goat that drives her all the way to the top.


But that's weird right? Only someone with some serious decision making flaws could be like that.

I'll take those "flaws" because they're the "laws" guiding my outlook, my horizons,

I still have to travel past the equator, reach the end of the sunset, I'm not finished.


Even then, after I reach the last glacier, my thirst isn't quenched by the melting ice and summer sights,

I have to share it with someone, I have to show them what they can do.

I'm (f)lawless in opening your eyes to the rest of the iceberg

After all, I've got a tail to swim even though I'm supposed to be a hard working stubborn goat. 


Who said you can't have best of both worlds? 

Isn't the world my journey and my destination and playground?

I'll play like its work and work like I'm playing,

because playing doctor might have been cute for you but it's a dream thats real for me,

as real as myself, as real as the ambition that makes me, me.



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