People's Jury

Thu, 01/01/2015 - 00:09 -- mhaider


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A universe so massive,

an earth so large,

its nations with great strength,

its people full of thought,

its rights hold great weight,

but, may I ask:

Why is there so much hate?


Perhaps it was what we ate,

or what we did not,

as we as a society have the audacity to

judge those in either situation

without any thought, remorse,

or hesitation.


A generation sexually driven,

where looks and popularity

are capitalized like

books and DVDs

at a store.


The people affected, however,

do not know any more

than that they have troubles

no one can understand,

as the generation before them

will fail to listen and just backhand

what they do not want to listen

discuss, or see.


I am flawless in my skin,

fine with my religion,

and in love with my kin

while who, may not listen,

will not judge me for my looks,

mistake my books,

or criticize this hook.


My belief in myself

exceeds my love of life.

We all have a purpose.

Many throw it away,

while there are those who suffer.

The ones who sit and cry

while they attempt to buffer

the advances made 

and swears thrown.


I question these people:

Why not make your goal

to help those in trouble,

and make it a role.

I envision myself as someone

better than others see,as my destiny

is what has lead me

to my innate success and longevity,

and perhaps the brevity

of this poem

by which I swear is my ultimatum -

must I make it verbatim?


Do not judge others

like a people's jury.

Those judged are always in worry

that they are not satisfactory

to anyone at all,

how must it feel to make someone fall?

I am flawless because of my ability

to make corrections,

to my old misconceptions,

and ignore the society that had, unfortunately,

once ruined me.


If education is key to modern success

then we must confess

that our envy, jealousy,

and distress 

is all but useless.

Why do those who work hard in school

get called fools,

when we ourselves

are what we say.

This judgment will haunt

us and consistently

remind us that we are the

"mislead" generation.


Hear me out,

you who suffers is not as lost

as I once was.

My determination 

has my proved the culmination

of my life thus far to be

more worthy than what society

and this generation make of it.

With these words I say,

prove yourself to be flawless,

undervalued, and then improve on it.


So, take these words I was once told

and apply it - just do not reinvent the wheel

and take these words as some kind of longwinded spiel.

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