Hard to find who you really are

When everybody around you

Wants to define you

Shape you into something they expect you to be


Why give them such a power

Giving them the right to make you one of them

Just another face in a crowd

It’s a frightening power really


A crowd is called a crowd for a good reason

When you stand in one

Look at the person next to you

The color of their eyes might be different

The color of their skin might be different

But in the end they’re still the same as you

Putting themselves in a crowd

Because someone else put them there first

Being part of the same crowd


It can be hard to break away from such a place

As lifeless as being one of them gets

You start to believe it’s easier

To be just another face in the crowd

For they say outsiders

Those who aren’t in that very crowd

Who kept the power of defining themselves

To themselves

For themselves

Is frowned upon


Unworthy of even looking at them


Why be alone and be hated by people

For something you are

When you can be surrounded by people

Who love you for something you aren’t


Maybe it seems easy for someone to tell you

That being different isn’t not as bad as they made you think

Breaking away from something that you’ve been part of for so long

Could be one of the hardest experiences of your life

But it becomes so beautiful in the end


Because in the end

You are finally You


Small steps lead to something greater

Don’t let people tell you who you are

You tell them who you are

Who you really are


Life’s too short to be something you’re not

To be part of a crowd with expectations you feel like you’ll never reach


Seize the power to be something you’ll be proud of

To be something greater

Take back the control of your life again

Because it was always yours to begin with

and take the world by storm



And be free



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