Sometimes I Pretend


when I'm eating

I pretend I'm a dinosaur

because they look cool when they eat,

and the food feels different when

I pull it into my mouth with my tongue

because dinosaurs don't have hands.



when I'm standing very still

I pretend I'm in a painting,

and I notice the lines in the floor tiles

that run away from and towards me,

or wonder what someone in an art gallery

would think about my posture,

and would they be surprised to know

that I'm thinking about them.



when I'm running a race

I pretend that I'm a shadow

of a cloud passing overhead

as fast as the wind,

and passing over any obstacle

that would stop someone on the ground.



when asked

I pretend I have a million dollars

and I give half of it to my parents,

so they can finish their dreams,

and I give a quarter to my brother and sister,

and I put the rest in the bank,

or pay for my college,

and maybe buy a dress.



when I ski classic

I pretend that I'm a mine cart

when I tuck low going down a hill,

and descend to an unknown

treasure or adventure,

and I can't always see the bottom.



when I run an errand

I pretend I'm a spy

with a vital mission,

should I choose to accept it,

with orders from high command

to retrieve an item from storage,

or relay an important message

that supper is ready.



when I'm falling asleep

I pretend that there are creatures

that come out of the pajamazon

because they only exist after bedtime

when I put my pajamas on,

and I watch the dark corners of the room.



even though I'm not,

I pretend that I'm the best

at something hard for me

because it gives me a perspective

to work on the things I can,

and leave the rest to God

because sometimes

that's all I really need.



when its no laughing matter

I don't pretend at all,

and I focus,

and I'm serious,

but if no one was hurt

I can't keep a straight face.

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