The Illusion In Our Lives

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 02:03 -- aq


When life begins 
And we start to look for who we are in the world
we create ourselves
this distorted image of perfection
that society created for us 
we allow the voices of society
to enter our head 
telling us who we are supposed to be 
not who we are
The voices continue to remind us that imperfection is not acceptable
and our flaws should not be enable
But it is not fair
Itt is not fair
To allow society to ripped our self confidence away
leaving our self importance back at bay
Its not fair how 
being imperfect in this world
makes you believe you're some how defective 
Its not fair how 
we are not taught how to accept our flaws
to fix them
Its not fair that the scars on our heart
 the cracks on our lips
our wide hips, long legs
 big chest
,thigh gaps 
are marks of perfection  
but are treated like the object of rejection
we are never taught 
that our flaws 
are art 
and art should never be changed to be accepted
When you read my words
Dont read this with deaf ears
Dont let the words float pass you
I do not write for myself
I write  
for me
in the hope
to share
to release our soul
a way to give 
a cleansing of the mind
in our world that is sometimes unkind
I want you to remember
Next time you look in the mirror
and flinch at your reflection
Next time you close your eyes 
And dream of perfection
We Were made different,
no special mold or design.
So why do people hold a image
of "perfect" in their mind?
Remember that
Perfection is an illusion and we should not strive to turn to reality.


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