Irregular Being.

I am not like the others; I don't act like my sisters and brothers.
I feel like a dim star that can't be seen from afar.
I feel like a broken ignition that can't start a car.
Why can't I fit in? While everyone one is standing I am sitting.
In high school I put my all into being cool, but all I did was look even more like a fool.
I abandoned myself to become something else.
I am the leader of the misfit toys. In high school I was by far the weirdest boy.
Kept out of the in crowd because of my irregular behavior I was not aloud in.
I learned that it was okay to have different music taste. If everyone was the same, then life would be a waste.
It's like different food having the same taste.
Why would it matter if you ordered different food?
I neglected myself and for that I am a fool.
I tried so much to be cool, but in the end I am glad to be irregular.
While everyone were grey, I was the dash of color.
While everyone was looking cool, I was off trying to be myself even though the lack of friends was cruel.
I was like the black ball in pool everyone tried to avoid me, but it is worth being yourself rather than being locked in captivity.
I found out that I LOVED being me rather than being some facade, some phony.
So, I am that oddly shape puzzle piece that fits in no where. But I am okay with that because I love being weird.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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