Are We Free


Are we a free people, a free country, with a truthful servicing of liberty and justice for all? Or are we all but slaves to our policy makers via the "neo-American-dream", the drive of materialism, consumerism, slavery to the corporate hand.

Blatant inequality, racism, sexism, injustices, all 31 flavors, corruption and deceit, and what are we but slaves to the banks and corporations, while our freedoms are being picked away, our privacy being stripped from our bodies, our rights being burned at the pedestal, we are being chained to the walls of the prison we call America - America the home of the worlds largest prison system. The lives of service men and women being placed at the frontlines to propagate a false democracy, to reap resources from our fellow countrymen and push pseudo-politcal agendas world-wide - utilizing violence and death, dropping billions on military tech and weapons designed to 'protect' our so called freedoms, while we take them away from those who stand against us in the way of our oil, the oil that fuels the fires of war, and destruction of the peace and tranquility, our dreams of serenity and unity, while some men just want to watch the world burn, we fuel the fire, regardless of the cost, the cost WE pay, the price we CHOOSE to pay, 'the price is right' how wrong that phrase is, how wrong and destructive the current paradoxical politcal ideologies have come to be in this day and age, how hypocritical the statements, how empty the promises, our politicians, and our leaders - not but fear mongers and hypocrites and the hyperwealthy master pupeteers manipulating our lives from behind the lines, behind their white picket fence.

We no longer are living for the ideal life, the once American dream, now mutated into an Orwellian nightmare

Are we free?


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