Answer me my question please;

who is that person that I see,

looking out as darkness flees

looking back, just like me?


Tell me who that stranger is

who shares my face, but not my heart.

Tell me what her purpose is

when you can't even tell us apart.


That girl who loooks back from the glass

seems no more than a wandering thought,

slowly appearing in the glass

never feeling cold nor hot.


That reflected girl, so young, so kind,

is all that others see.

They never even try to find

the truth inside of me.


That girl whose ocean eyes stare back

will never truly be alive.

She the reflection of one whose heart seems black

whose entire being feels unalive.


Why must she torment me

even though she is not real?

She shows me what the others see,

she shows me what I do not feel.


Truth be told, I have one wish;

for her to show just what's inside

of a girl whose constant wish

is to be free, be wild, to never choose a side.


So now I hope just one last time

That for once I can look in the mirror

I will not hear the warning bells chim

saying that she is not me and I am not her.


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