Even Elephants Cry

The problem with meakness is we think

it shows we have weakness.

I walk through life faking my emotions and wanting to be seen.

Always speaking, was my meme.

I need to be seen. 

If I'm not talking I'm a dead end.

Never was I me.

I conjured up this facade that I felt I needed to be.

It wasn't until college that I decided to be free.

Free from this idea that in order to be seen, I must have people hear me.

I would need to speak.

But soon I realized that everyone around me were ghosts.

People deliver but they don't receive.

How can people believe that someone cares about what we have to say

if the conversation must always go their way.

So I stopped talking unessescarily and decided to communicate only rarely.

Unbelievably, my life changed and became less complicated.

I could hear people trying to be something fabricated.

Constant talking is overrated.

Through your ears you learn and see more things.

You see the cries behind people's voices.

You start to understand people's choices.

I have a stronger sense of even the most hidden people.

I decided that if I must speak it will be of something essential.

All the credentials that make people, people;

Insecurities, goals, and dreams are the important ideas I bring to the table.

The last thing I want to do is label.

Because I understand that we can't be ideal.

But we can appeal to the people around us if only we stop and listen.

Only then will you see people truly glisten.

This lesson I've learned has changed me.

I have gained more of a joyous life 

by understanding that everyone goes through strife.

If I can leave you with one thing to enrich your life

Know that always speaking and never listening is like holding a knife to your brain.

You will eventually go insane.

Elephants cry when things are dire.

But most of the time they observe and acquire knowledge and compassion

to fulfill their souls desires.


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