Musical Chairs


Sometimes I wake up and I wonder is it alright to be this “me”?


To be this loud, vibrant ball of energy and chatter? This clumsy but capable, averaged sized girl with so many idealistic thoughts and a sense of fashion that may or may not be “cool”.


How do I embrace the me that I find to be pretty frickin’ awesome without seeming proud, seeming aloof, or most of all seeming “other”




But if I were “you”, then who’d be “me”?

Who would fill the void that I hold?

This parking space that is my existence?


Would someone slip right in and be “me”?

But then who would take their spot?


This world can’t handle that kind of musical chairs of vacancies and conformity

It would crack under the pressure of so many false identities

and fake smiles trying to fit into spaces not meant for us

A round peg in a square hole


I’m not saying you have limits I’m saying you don’t

Don’t compress yourself into this cellophane box looking out on a world of opportunity

But discover your own identity

And break through the walls you have made for yourself.




I feel like the odd one out

The last to know what is “hip”, “cool”, “in”

But why do I care?


As I look around at the Barbies that all smile the same smile and speak the same words into their same phones,

Feeding off the drama they know play by play,

I wonder if they’re happy.


Happy mimicking and conforming to the lifestyle that the world is convinced is ideal, that will make them most “successful”. But are they happy?

And am I?


Truth is there’s only one “me” and I’m it so I can’t just leave the stage in the middle of my opus,

my aria, my crowning achievement

This life that is mine alone

Can I cheat the world of my laughter and creativity because it’s not the same as everyone else’s?

What’s the point of diversity if every person is striving to be the same?


We must take into consideration

The implications

Of the reverse.


All the people being the full “them” living to capacity, reaching full potential

As they push the limits of reality.


It’s terrifying this awesome power of self- respect

Confidence turned competence.

All drums beating in syncopated, spastic, splendid rhythm

A chorus of individuality

Differences causing harmonies never thought or heard before.


This world is a possibility

If we all embrace our abilities

Come together as a community

And choose to live vivaciously and not vicariously

Through those who have already 

Reached their own potentiality.


You need to embrace the awkward, the “you” that you hide

Show society that you have value without a brand name

Value without the need for “success” in a field you’d rather gaze at through windows

As you lay outside on the cool, cool grass reveling in your “youness”.


Just live “you” and only “you”.

Give in to your quirks and blossom as a flower of brilliant color

On this concrete and steel world

Until we all become a garden of flavorful accomplishment.

Only then can we be “happy”.



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