My personality isn’t gold,

You couldn’t sell it for much.

I’m sarcastic,

Too honest,

Anything of the such.


Even if it was gold,

You couldn’t have it.

I like it,

It’s mine,

Did I mention I’m selfish?


My looks are far from silver,

Just a face in the crowd.

Black hair,

Brown eyes,

Asian all around.


Let’s pretend they were silver,

I’d become someone else.



Human nature can’t be helped.


Maybe I’m bronze,

One step above rust.



Left in the dust.


Bronze means third place,

I’m not a fan of last.

I’m competitive,

I’m driven,

Expectations, I’ll surpass.


My mindset is titanium,

A bulletproof wall.

It’s protection,

It’s security,

In front of you, I’ll never fall.


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