I Am Me...A Woman


I am a woman.

A young woman.

I am the kind of woman who will open her arms

to anyone in need, but will not ask

for it in return.

I can post a picture with a filter,

with a covering of who I am to please others.

Trying to get that one person to notice me.

Trying so hard in person,

to get him to notice me.

When all along,

when I finally gave up trying,

and was myself the whole way through,

I saw something different.

He was not who I should be with,

but my best friend,

my loyal friend,

the one person who was there through it all,

stood open with his arms wide open.

Without me asking.

He saw the real me and I knew who I was all along,

but hiding it to please one person,

made me feel empty.

I used to be the girl covered in makeup.

Trying to hide my imperfections by adding layer after layer.

I got tired of trying.

I got tired of feeling empty like nobody cared about the real me besides my family.

I got tired...of being tired.

Being who you really are,

and finding someone who loves you because of it

is the best experience I have ever encountered.

I hope that you my dear friend

can see the same I do,

just how beautiful you are.

I am a woman.

A young...woman

Trying her best everyday,

but, most importantly!

I Am Me.

-Briawnna Wagoner

E-mail: Briawnnawagoner@gmail.com



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