Our uniqueness

We have a tendency to hide
Everyday before leaving home
We put on our mask
And leave to go into the real world
There's almost no room for authenticity
How can we "just" be ourselves?
Your beliefs, my opinion,
His hobbies, her looks,
My desires, their hope
There's always a true self
Even though society expects,
asks, and sometimes demands,
there'll always be a true face
behind the mask, the costume.
We're all design as free spirits,
with a mind of our own
what keep us from being ourselves
are basically prejudices,
But some day, we'll realize
maybe is not that hard,
And that day, we'll be mature spirits
We are as we are, we're unique,
And there's nothing wrong
With "just" simply showing it
In that moment we'll know is time,
Time to pull back the curtain.


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