Left Out


United States
41° 39' 54.5688" N, 72° 45' 46.4868" W

Feeling sad and unwanted.
Feeling hopeless and worthless.

New place, new people.
Looking nerdy, being boring.
I miss my best friend,
I don't think I'll ever fit in.
I will never have the friendship,
I have with her with anybody else.

It's not easy to make new friend.
They've know each other long
Before I came along.

They don't need me.
They already have all the friends they need.
They have all the friends they need.
What about me?

I am around them,
But they don't want me there.
Can't wait to leave me behind.
To them I am an intruder infiltrating their ranks.
A threat to their long built friendships.

Felt unworthy and not belonging.
Felt... before I discovered,
The power of being yourself.
Power of meeting those
Meant to be your forever.
Friends, who jump in the dog pile.
Laugh before helping you up.

Don't be left out.
Be yourself and keep the pain out.
Keep the close minded out.
And be happy.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

life is never about fitting in

life is about standing out

value that because you will meet all types of people-be wise on who you are around with

never put yourself down and feel unworthy

this poem does a great job in reflecting your feelings-i would suggest to recreate this style ,but positive energy

keep writing

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