Double H Question? (God's Child In Distress)

I'm wondering if I'm going to heaven or hell.
I should know just that so many lies people tell.
Corrupts my intel.
They say I'm destined for damnation.
They put me on the spot like Dalmatians.
Curse me to hell only for asking questions!
And questioning the Reverend's actions.
In reference to his secret life nobody saw insight.
Funny he said what you do in the dark comes to the light.
So I only follow suit to expose a devil in pinstripes.
I did it people said I wasn't right.
Wow this is life for a concern citizen.
A open mind surrounded around condemned beings.
As their in the line to be slaughtered I ask the heavenly father.
God is I'm evil for doing what I believe!
Or is my actions brave and noble.
And being social to exposing vultures.
Is I'm closer to heaven or hell.
That double H Q and no A.
Well maybe only time will tell.
I'm being me as I live life.
Can't listen to others wrongs.
Got to make my own rights.


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