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Born in an egg already cracked
Some say it’s a flaw
Others sigh and say never
This crack is indented in my soul
How am I supposed to know
Which is right, and which is wrong
You are supposed to show me the way
You tried
But lead
With ignorance

The more I struggle, the more apparent
The more I struggle, the more hurt
Show me the way
I beg, I cry
What is stopping you is not me
Its ignorance

With age and wisdom
My crack become a gift
It was already a gift
Given by some other power
Why deny this crack in my shell?
Do you deny yours?
Is that why you punish me so?
You can’t answer
Because of Ignorance

You can’t see the true me
While blinded by ignorance
Open not just your eyes
Visuals only convey so much
Open your soul
And see my humanity
Not just a crack on my shell


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