Not feeling the meaning of life, 

left in the numbness of all meaningful emotion.

Playing it hard, making sure to stay in the lines of an average life.

The strange one, gotta avoid

Can't get caught up in the unrealistic Love.

But the rug pulls out and you fall into arms that feel so unusual, but close and         comfortable.

Give openness a chance, let all the new desires of loving you in.

To take a breath and relax

To feel the love everyone wants, holding your hand.

Not at your fingertips.

Stop and hold the face of the eyes of one never-ending, to angel kiss the true reason for all of living.

So little time, but its for all the worth; you've made it.

The clearing sensation that everyone strives for, but those three little words of " I love you" entwine to become, Words of torture for an eternity.

You hold on to the reality of life, as you still can hear echos of that beautiful voice.


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