Keep On Part 1.

Wed, 08/06/2014 - 23:18 -- Justot

Age ten bullied, called fat and ugly

growing up feeling like being handsome is the only way to make friends

being the clown of the clasroom, but sweet when i hit send

to the email of a cherished person with i love you at the end

even little kids can be cruel, while crying for attention

i admit i wanted it too, even though i was yelled at after detention

at 12 cancer took my mother, at the young age of 36

my heart was broken terribly, a break that could never be fixed

on top of that people still messing with me only days after she left us

but this time i didnt have the energy to be angry

i looked up to the sky and always asked why me

i looked around and guess what i always see

the news man talking bout a young man who killed himself 

but i was bullied all my life and yet the thought never crossed my mind

so when i look around, a person like me is what i never find

thoughts of suicide is what i never had, because i never had the time

to waste on such pitiful act towards myself

if i was to die who would be here to support my brothers

they were 6 and 7 when we happened to lose our mother

so i will make my mark and ensure when i die you will never find another..... Justo Munoz

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