Two Minds

Thu, 06/05/2014 - 15:04 -- BoggyA


Two minds, one body.

One heart for passions and ever-changing interests,

And a brain to make him like everyone else, a hard copy.

Why are so many restrictions put on one's spirit,

The heart, pure and true, silenced and subdued?

The brain, cold, calculated, makes him no more than a digit,

Imprisons and kills the spirit in an intangible family feud.

His friends, kin, society as a whole

Stripped him of an identity and left him naked.

He's taught that the mind and heart are two opposite magnetic poles,

And the heart must be in deep slumber, never awaken.

He is not the victim in this crime, he is the culprit

He let the world deny him his own person.

He has finally found the key which would free him from being a Muppet,

From here on out, the situation will do all but worsen.

He alone is the gatekeeper of his own desires

The pursuit for which, so long delayed.

Two minds one body is not what the soul requires,

The heart must be freed, he must lift that constant blockade

Not to be separate, but to come together as one.

Only then will greatness become a possible achievement.

The time to find his own person has begun,

The separation of the two minds does not deserve bereavement.



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