I am me

Wed, 06/26/2019 - 15:56 -- 023804j


“J” meaning jovial & jazzy,

Oh and sometimes sassy,

But I always remain classy.

For the “A” you can say ambitious and adventurous,

Hoping in the future to become a nurse anesthetist.

Starting my first job at 15,

I’m described as a hardworking and humble teen.

I strive to be the best that I can be.

I’m rare and reliable,

equivalent to a crystal in the earth's rock bottom. 

I am independent and intelligent,

A talkative bumble bee,

Talented, thankful, unique, also trendy.

There isn’t enough adjectives that’ll completely describe me,

I’m a volcano ready to erupt residing in Hawaii. 

Amazing and athletic,

I am Jahrita and I've grown in ways you won’t believe.

Creating new memories and trying new things,

Has shaped me into the person that I am today.

Excited for what the future withholds,

I'm ready to venture out into this world.

Hoping to swirl into the life of someone.

Someone observing me,

Yearning and rooting for me.

Them thanking me for being an inspiration,

and simply for me being me.

I'm a muse for them,

I'll continue to motivate them to follow their dreams.

Telling them "be the best you can be".

No matter the difficulties,

Face your challenges and don't give up.

Once before someone told those same things to me.

One person, one smile, one compliment,

All so powerful.

Capabable of adding back the contentment,

Into a person that was stolen their joy.

So be kind, be fun, be beautiful,

Be creative, amazing, and unique.

It's okay to be petite, 

It's okay to be shy,

It's okay to eat steak sauce on your apple pie.

All these things make you, you.

Your the pistachio ice cream in a world full of vanilla,

And the yellow dandelion in a bouquet of roses.

So don't melt my lovely flower,

You're loved!

Now rise,


Be bold.

Because darling you have a future waiting for you to behold!










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