Creativity Can't Stop

Thu, 01/09/2014 - 20:41 -- esherry


Creativity Can’t Stop
When’s the last time you created something?
Anything—a drawing, song, recipe, story?
Creativity is what drives inventions—
I dare you to imagine a world without it!
First, cavemen would have never survived without fire!
Where would that leave YOU?
Had Franklin not wondered,
“What would happen if I flew a kite during a storm?”
Then electricity flies out of our life!
During the phone calls you make today, remember:
Someone had the IDEA of communicating through air!
Without new ideas,
Kiss air conditioning good-bye!
And television, for that matter.
Even shoes—because they required someone to ask,
“What if?”
You see, without creativity, the world would be bleak.
Actually, humankind would be extinct!
So—do not be afraid to think outside the box,
To challenge the status quo,
To never ask questions!
Let your creativity spark a fire—
Without it, we cannot exist!
What’s more, you never know how far you will go—
Maybe YOU are the next Benjamin Franklin, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs,
Just by asking,
“What if?”


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